Theft and Burglaries in London – The Rising Need for Security Services

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In the year of 2020-2021, theft and burglaries were the highest committed crimes in London. The Met police reported 251,891 cases of theft and handling, and 31,432 burglaries. In this blog, we will discuss some of the security services that we offer and the growing need for them in London.

CCTV/Alarms in London

Here at Umbrella Security Services, we offer CCTV and alarm systems in order to protect your company/business. With only 10% of burglaries resulting in a sanction detection for businesses and communities in 2021, it’s important to provide CCTV throughout your building. This will ensure the best possible security and success rate for detections to decrease the chance of repeated theft.

We install proven integrated security systems, and are in the know-how with our suppliers, to keep us up to date with the latest advances, and to provide the best possible price for your constant reassurance.

Mobile London Patrols

It’s important to minimise the risk of theft to begin with in London, and mobile patrols are a key
security service that we offer for this. We offer trained security staff who can patrol your premises (empty or vacant) daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your request. This acts as a huge deterrent for theft and burglaries.

We will also report any suspicious behaviour, and perform regular security checks inside or outside the property, which can differ to ensure that there is no pattern which a criminal can follow. It’s evident that mobile patrols can provide security at your most vulnerable times and can be beneficial when 24/7 security guards aren’t an option for you.

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