Hotel Security in London

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What is Hotel Security?

Hospitality security is the management of security in different types of hotels, including B&B’S, lodges, hostels and even 5* franchise hotels. The hospitality industry is always open to security threats, especially in London where it attracts the most tourists. Guests who visit London are expecting both themselves and their belongings to remain safe during their stay, hence it is very important to have the latest security services throughout the hotel.  


The Importance of Security in London Hotels 

Security in the hospitality industry is very important. A hotel’s reputation is based largely on the customer experience and investing in the latest security services can play a huge role in ensuring guests feel protected and secure. As discussed before, guests come expecting to stay safe throughout their stay, but it doesn’t just stop here. Hotel owners also need to protect hotel appliances, vintage artefacts, staff valuables, hotel equipment and even the hotel’s grounds. 


How to Improve your Security Services

  • Security guards monitoring entrances and exits

Here at Umbrella Security, we offer experienced and licensed security guards which are essential for high level security measures for a hotel in London. Security guards stationed at the entrances and exits of the hotel can help monitor the flow of guests entering and leaving the hotel. Our security guards are able to spot suspicious individuals/behaviour which prevents situations from escalating. Security guards also offer a quick response and can monitor surveillance equipment if needs be.

  • CCTV and alarm systems

Installing CCTV and alarm systems both internally and externally automatically deters crime from hotels in London, as well as giving paying guests peace of mind. CCTV cameras should be positioned throughout essential places around the hotel, such as hallways, front desk, entrances, exits and car parks to ensure optimum security. Additionally, if an instance was to occur, CCTV cameras allow you to watch footage back and may even be used as evidence. 

  • Training staff

Having knowledgeable staff is imperative for successful security in a London hotel. Regular team meetings should be conducted in order to share important information like any updates to fire evacuation procedures, potential terror attacks and any password changes. Secondly, with hospitality being a high-turnover industry for staff, you should undergo background checks before hiring any new employees. Take a look at what other security services are important for London hotels. 


Umbrella Security

Looking for a security company in London? Here at Umbrella Security, we have years of experience within the industry and we pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of security services to a large number of people, all at a competitive price. Get in touch with us today through our online contact form or give us a call on 0121 554 2761.

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