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Retail Security in 2020: What Can Shops Do?

One of the constant battles retailers face up and down the country is trying to prevent shoplifting. For UK retail businesses, it is estimated that theft cost them £4,821 million. With crime costing retailers this much, it is imperative that retail security is tightened to ensure that this amount is reduced. Retailers need, more than …

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A Guide to Construction Site Security

A 2016 survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building found that 92% of respondents had been affected by theft. Perhaps rather more shocking was the fact that 21% stated they are affected by theft on a weekly basis. Why Does Theft Happen So Regularly? Whilst each building site will be managed slightly differently, it …

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Why Are Dogs Used for Security?

Security dogs are one of the more traditional options for security and they are used for a variety of reasons; Quick reactions/Intelligence Protection Loyalty With a plethora of digital solutions out there, it is telling that security dogs are still used in many capacities. Reactions You probably already know of a dog that will react …

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Crime Rate In Wolverhampton

Crime rates fluctuate across the country, depending on a wide variety of factors. According to Legal Beagle, there are some common factors that go hand in hand with areas that have high crime rate; poverty levels job availability police policy The average age of the population We take a look at statistics provided by …

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Key Holding and Alarm Response

Imagine this, it’s Christmas day, you’re just about to sit down and tuck into your Christmas dinner, you’ve already had a couple of glasses of bucks fizz, you’re surrounded by your close friends and family, Christmas is well and truly in full flow. Then, you get a phone call from your alarm monitoring company, they …

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Vacant Property Security

What is a vacant property? In summary, a vacant property can be described as any property that isn’t occupied for any period of time but this can comprise of anything from an unoccupied residential property to a large disused commercial site made up of multiple units. Naturally, given that the properties are empty, this makes …

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