CCTV Advice: Protecting Your Security Footage

image of cctv security cameras attached to the side of a wall

Whether you have CCTV installed in your home or commercial premises one of the top priorities is making sure that the footage doesn’t become damaged or can be stolen easily. There are several steps that you can take to ensure the security of your security camera footage.


3 Steps you can take to protect your security footage


1. Change your passwords

We’ve all heard this a thousand times, but never underestimate the importance of having a strong password or making sure that you change it regularly. The best way to ensure you are protecting your security footage is by changing passwords regularly, no matter how strong they are. 

When creating a strong password, it is important not to use personal information that someone could easily guess, such as important dates or birthdays. Instead, use a combination of letters and numbers with special characters; this will be more effective, stronger and very difficult to guess.


2. Keep systems up to date

Security systems, similar to your phone, require regular software updates. When protecting your footage, it is vital that you keep your system up to date with the latest updates and protection. When a system becomes outdated it increases the risk of it being vulnerable to hacking or corruption. 

Our best advice is to keep your system as new as you can. Also, depending on where you store the security footage, it is also important to keep those systems up to date too.


3. Don’t take unnecessary risks with personal data

When storing personal information and data sometimes the easiest option (e.g. the cloud) is not always the best option. Security footage kept in the cloud could be easily accessible and open to a number of risks, such as hacking. 

One key tip is to ensure that there is a very small and limited amount of people who can access the footage. Or, only ensuring that people that have access to security footage improve the security of it. Lastly, it’s integral that the system and storage of recordings are only used for the purpose it was intended for.


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