Crime Rate During Coronavirus Lockdown

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Since the UK went in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic mid-March, police have reported a big fall in crimes such as burglary, rape and assault, but a 3% rise in domestic violence. It is expected that online fraud is likely to surge during this time, alongside new offences such as malicious coughing.

The initial figures given by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) show that there has been a 20% drop in crime during the coronavirus outbreak – with officers issuing more than 1,000 fines to individuals across England and Wales who have flouted and ignored government instruction, advice and lockdown restrictions.

Across all the police forces in the UK, the number of people being fined equates to an average of fewer than 84 cases per day, which shows that the vast majority of people within the country are abiding by the new rules.

Many senior officers believe that the fall in crime is largely due to the closure of bars, clubs, public events as well as robbery and burglary being more challenging because more people are staying at home.


Practical ways to prevent crime during lockdown

  • Disabling stolen phone remotely to make theft less rewarding
  • Reducing drunken interactions
  • Improving home security to make burglaries and break-ins more difficult

The movement of people, or the absence of, is central to crime. A potential offender must encounter a target, such as a person, building or product. As the lockdown has changed our movements quite significantly, there is an expectation that there will be a change in crime opportunities.

With people remaining indoors, households are better protected as well as cars becoming safer at home. Neighbours are also readily available to spot suspicious behaviour. There is an expectation that domestic burglary and car crime will go down.

However, because pubs and bars are closed, there is an expectation that online and supermarket alcohol sales will increase with more people drinking at home instead. Alcohol is one of the main triggers for violence.



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