4 CCTV Camera Positions for Your Business

image of cctv cameras positioned in a pattern on a wall

CCTV cameras are an effective security measure in preventing theft and vandalism. If you’re a commercial business or residential property and you’re looking to install security cameras, then one of the top things you need to know is where to place them. 

CCTV surveillance systems with remote monitoring services allow businesses to have peace of mind, meaning they can focus on productivity without the worry of the safety of their goods and services, or the comings and goings outside their office both day and night.

But, deciding where to position CCTV cameras requires some careful consideration. What is the best height and angle? How can you get the best use out of them? How can you effectively use this security measure?

To assist with planning your security camera placement around your property, location or business premises, here are 4 handy CCTV camera placement guidelines and ideas.


Best Places and Positions for CCTV Cameras

Security cameras are used as a deterrent against theft and damage. This is especially useful when you can’t always be on-site. Implementing CCTV camera systems with a remote monitoring service is a preventative measure …. 

To help plan your comprehensive security solution, here are some important and the most active places in your business to install CCTV cameras:

  1. Entrances & Exits
  2. Reception Area
  3. Storerooms
  4. Warehouses

Entrances & Exits

By positioning CCTV cameras at entrances and exits to your business you can keep track of those entering and exiting your building. Visible cameras at a business entrance are a good deterrent, but they also allow people entering the building to be aware that they’re under observation. This helps to reduce the possibility of damage or trespassing being caused.

To ensure the best quality images captured by a CCTV camera, it is recommended that placement should be above the door and point away from any light sources or windows. Bright light flooding may cause dull or darkened images, meaning that a person’s face could be partially hidden or unrecognisable.

Reception area

This is typically a high traffic area in your business, lots of visitors, staff and people pass through it when entering and leaving during business hours. If your reception faces a road or street, then by providing a CCTV camera in this area you can deter trespassers, or capture those attempting to force entry on video. Any unauthorised or unrecognised visitors and people who are acting suspiciously can be picked up easily with a CCTV camera placed here.


Storerooms can be found in almost every business. They house important documentation or are filled with racks full of products ready for distribution, or contain computers with key backups and hard drives. In some cases, storerooms have restricted access and are only used by management. By positioning a CCTV camera at the door to this room it allows you to monitor the restricted area. You can make note of who enters and leaves the room, and follow up accordingly, especially if there have been unauthorised access attempts.


Typically, warehouses are used as a storage facility, housing a company’s products that can be worth thousands if not millions. This makes them a target for thieves. If you would like to further protect your stored goods then installing a CCTV system in this area is ideal. It is recommended that the position of these cameras be kept out sight; this is to avoid opportunistic thieves identifying potential blind spots in the warehouse due to their expansive space.


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