3 Tips for Effective CCTV Deployment

image of cctv on the side of a building

One of the most common and important security measures that can be used with fencing is CCTV. CCTV cameras are an efficient way to deter criminals and protect your business. 

We’ve often discussed the merits of having a CCTV system at your commercial or residential premises. But, here we’d like to provide some useful tips on how to effectively deploy it. This is because CCTV is only really effective when cameras are positioned correctly and can record everything that might be important.


3 top tips for effective CCTV deployment

1. Lines of sight/ positioning

The position of your CCTV cameras is integral to the success and effectiveness of CCTV deployment. If the cameras don’t cover every part of the site then you create windows of opportunity, similarly, if you have structures and objects blocking or obscuring the view then prospective intruders can take advantage of this. 

We have discussed this in a previous blog, but it is important to think carefully about the placement of cameras so they cover as much of the premises as possible and aren’t obstructed or covered.


2. Entry point coverage

We have mentioned this before, but every part of the site or premises should be covered with cameras. One place where there should be extra CCTV coverage is on the entry-points. Entry points are the most likely place in which an intruder will enter or vandalise your property. By using multiple cameras on an entry point you will be able to capture images of the intruder from a range of angles, making them easier to identify and prosecute later.


3. Back up recordings

Nowadays, most digital recordings are easy to back up; this is extremely important as you do not want the footage to get accidentally damaged, corrupted or erased. Sometimes you can set this up to automatically back up any CCTV recordings; this means you won’t lose any vital footage and everything is always backed up.


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