Why Retail Security Guards Are More Important Than Ever

image of social distancing 2 metres ground signage

Retail security guards are now more important than ever during these unprecedented and difficult times. In pre-covid days, retail security guards were solely part of an effective security strategy alongside CCTV cameras. With lockdown rules easing and businesses’ reopening with new social distancing measures in place, security guards must also help ensure social distancing is adhered to whilst in public spaces such as shops, restaurants and other crowded areas.


Why are retail security guards important in this ‘new normal’?


Maintain social distancing

A retail security guard can help protect your premises whilst ensuring social distancing is maintained and face coverings are worn throughout the store. They can also help with all aspects of the new safety measures put in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Everything from managing crowd control to limiting the number of customers inside the store.

Crowd control

Now more than ever, it is important to make sure that public spaces are not overcrowded. A security guard can help control the crowd, particularly during peak busy times. Not only does this help with the efforts to diminish the spread of Covid-19 but it also helps to prevent any activity that is not wanted such as unruly behaviour and theft. Investing in security presence in-store also gives customers peace of mind as they are also aware that emergencies will be dealt with correctly, suspicious activity monitored and tense situations prevented.

De-escalating situations

Hiring security guards also means that shop staff are better able to concentrate on their jobs and deliver exceeding customer service. Security guards can also help de-escalate situations that become too heated, as well as address any threats of violence before they occur.


How have retail businesses adapted to this new normal?


One-way system

To help with traffic control inside your store it is helpful to have a one-way system. Not only does this better control the flow of traffic moving around in-store, but it also helps customers to navigate their way around the different aisles and areas while helping limit social contact. It is also important for retailers to consider having separate entry and exit points for customers.

Social distancing signage and markings

To accompany the one-way traffic system in-store, retailers can also have clear social distancing markings and signage scattered throughout the store. This helps to remind customers to maintain the 2-metre social distancing rule at all times and stand far away from individuals that are not from their household or part of their social bubble.

Announcements and reminders

Retailers can also make announcements reminding customers in-store to maintain social distancing and follow the necessary steps and advice, such as washing their hands or hand sanitising regularly. Reminders help keep safety measures at the forefront of customers’ minds as they navigate their way through the store.

Limiting the number of people in-store

Another piece of advice for retailers is to bear in mind is they can limit the number of customers inside the store at any one time. Queues can be formed outside of the store, but retailers do need to take into account the size of their premises and the layout to ensure that it follows social distancing guidelines and is safe. This also helps assess and calculate the number of customers allowed in the store at one time.

Restocking shelves outside of store opening times

Retailers may also consider carrying out any restocking or replenishing the shelves duties outside of the store opening times. This means shop workers can carry out their work safely without coming into close contact with customers.


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