Keeping Security Guards Motivated

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Why is security guard motivation important? It is important for several reasons and we’ll detail these below.

We all know that when employees are motivated, they perform better at their job. Security guards are under a fair amount of pressure. They are constantly trying to prevent problematic situations, and if anything arises, they try and solve it as quickly and effectively as possible.

When security guards feel motivated in their role, this makes a good team. Allowing for a cooperative environment with a very low staff turnover in the company. With this in mind, how can you improve the conditions of your workplace and increase security guard motivation?


5 Tips: How To Boost Motivation for Security Guards


  • Provide good working conditions


This is a great starting point when taking the steps to improve your security guards motivation. Having good working conditions in the work environment can provide security guards with basic factors such as a place to store their personal belongings or a space to spend their breaks and prepare for any work.

These small changes to the work environment must also be kept clean and provide enough space for employees, otherwise, it can feel cluttered. Alongside the above working conditions, it is also important to provide security guards with the tools they need to do their job most efficiently.

Tools such as a professional outfit or uniform, a phone or mode of transport, depending on what their duties require. Not only should you provide the right tools, but you should also allow them to take a meal break, and follow the appropriate working hours and rules surrounding this.

Healthy and rested employees or security guards perform their job at a much better level, as well as be able to deliver the security services that you expect.



  • Make meaningful connections with them and remember names


Whenever a new employee or security guard arrives, make sure to say hello, introduce yourself and remember their name. Small interactions like this matter! If you aren’t available to greet any newbies, delegate someone else to. 

It doesn’t take much effort to greet people, and it can really change the nature of your relationship with them. People like to feel noticed and less anonymous. These types of conversations can have a positive effect on their attitude to work, making them take their duties more seriously and feeling more responsible.


  • Establish clear working rules and communication


When hiring a new security guard it is best to set working rules with them upfront. This can include letting them know what the security expectations are, as well as providing any written or verbal instructions. By doing this at the start, it will make it easier for you both and allow them to work well. 



  • Treat them well


Everyone should, and deserves to be treated with respect, no matter their position within a company. Security guards can sometimes be treated with disrespect and often find offensive comments directed towards them. As an employer, you must be vigilant of this, and not tolerate this type of behaviour towards security guards.



  • Give praise and show you see value in their work


Another important factor to keep employees motivated is by ensuring that you praise and appreciate their work from time to time. This lets them know that they are appreciated and you want them to keep up their good work. 


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