5 Home Security Tips To Protect Your Manchester Home

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Everybody wants to live in a home that is secure and provides safety for them, their family and their belongings. But, how can you reach this peaceful feeling, and better secure your Manchester home?

Here are our top security tips for your Manchester-based property that you can put into practice right away. Follow these ideas and you’ll feel shielded, safe and cosy in your home!

Top 5 Manchester Home Security Tips 

1. Let there be light!

One of the topmost barriers for preventing home intruders to your Manchester home is through installing outside lighting. Opportunistic thieves prefer darker conditions where nobody can see them, meaning that a well-lit exterior and walkway means fewer areas to hide – as well as also giving off the impression that someone is home.

Some great spots for lighting include deck or garage areas, sidewalks or even solar-activated lights up a driveway or curb area. It is always a good idea to set lights in and outside of your property to a timer through a home security system.


2. Lock your doors

This one seems like a no brainer, but it’s something that can easily be forgotten. Routinely check the doors to your home before you go to sleep and before you leave the house. 


3. Make friends with your neighbours

This is a good idea for a number of reasons. Firstly, because you have an extra set of eyes on your house. Your neighbours could potentially be the first people to see anything or anyone suspicious while you’re away.

If you alert your most trusted neighbours when you’re going away. If anything happens, they could visit your house and contact you or alert emergency personnel. 


4. Install security cameras

A great way to prevent crime to your Manchester property is by installing security cameras at the entrance to your property. This is also a great way to stop packages from leaving your front porch. In addition to cameras on the exterior of your property, you can also install interior cameras, this will help you figure out what’s making those strange noises in the night!


5. Get a monitored home security system

Another way to better secure your Manchester home is through getting a monitored home security system. With this system, you can easily manage your smart lights, smart locks and any video cameras through the system or via mobile app. In addition to the above home features, you can also add components such as motion detectors, glass break sensors and enhanced smoke detectors.


Contact Umbrella Security

Umbrella Security offer a range of security services across Manchester and beyond. If you would like any further information on home security services delivered by Umbrella Security, or you would like a non-obligatory quote to protect your Manchester property, please contact our team today on 0121 554 2761 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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