How Coronavirus Affected The Types of Crimes Committed

rise in cybercrime due to coronavirus pandemic

During the first UK lockdown, recorded crime dropped; presumably, due to mild panic and everyone’s lives being flipped upside down. Crimes such as burglaries, shoplifting could no longer take place as ‘normal’, because shops were closed and people were stuck at home.

As we adapted to our new way of life, so did the types of crimes being committed. Almost a year on from the first lockdown back in March 2020, and it’s clear that the crime rate has risen back up.

With this mind, you may be wondering, ‘how has crime changed?’ or ‘what types of crimes are now being committed during the pandemic?’. We’ll take a look at the different types of crime being committed during the coronavirus pandemic below.


What types of crime are being committed during the Coronavirus pandemic?



  • Malicious coronavirus coughing


This involves the deliberate act of coughing or spitting towards another individual. Particularly this is prevalent towards key workers. Children committing this appalling act risk exclusion from school, while adults risk prison.



  • A rise in domestic abuse and violence


Charities across the UK reported an increase in calls for help. While crimes of this nature were dramatically under-reported, it is evident that domestic abuse and violence rose during the Coronavirus pandemic. 



  • Child sexual abuse


As well as a rise in domestic abuse, children also increasingly become the victims of violence and sexual abuse too. Due to the lack of alternative safe venues when the schools were closed, this exacerbated problems.



  • Rise of ‘street drugs’


This illegal market collapsed during the first lockdown, only to revive later in the year. Many drug users moved away from traditional drugs such as heroin, opting for synthetic and street drugs instead. With drug smuggling becoming harder due to travel restrictions, therefore counterfeit alternatives were produced.



  • Illegal markets trading PPE, Pharmaceutical products and even, funeral services


Traditional illegal markets in drugs and people dwindled, organised crime groups diversified, and trading in personal protective equipment (PPE), pharmaceutical products, and even funeral services rose. Before there was a vaccine, there was a rise in illegal markets selling unscrupulous ‘vaccines’. Nobody really knows what these consisted of, but it certainly wasn’t the real deal.



  • Surge in cybercrime


Cyber-attacks are on an upward trajectory. They take the form of phishing attacks; many cyber-attacks aimed at hospitals and research labs. It appears a biological virus goes hand in hand with digital viruses.



  • Government scheme fraud


There was also a notable increase in fraud, specifically towards government schemes offering financial support. Many of these were created quickly, and therefore vulnerable to fraud due to limited stringent checks.


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