How Are Security Guards Trained?

Security guards have to be ready to deal with a wide variety of situations every time they are on the job. Whether patrolling, securing, monitoring, searching or doing general door work, there are training methods that security guards will have been taught. We at Umbrella Security feel it is important for our clients to know that the security officers that we provide are highly trained professionals.

There are a broad range of jobs that a security guard could undertake that will each require their own specific set of skills. However, there are a few essential things that every security officer will have been taught no matter what specific sector they will be working in. To give you more of an insight we have assembled a list of the basic training security guards go through.

Observing and Monitoring

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So much of what a security guard does boils down to being vigilant. Being able to observe and monitor is a key skill that any security guard will be trained in, as it relates heavily to almost all aspects of the job.

Monitoring could involve the use of certain camera or surveillance equipment which, although the specific tools used may differ depending on where they are working, every security officer should be trained to have a basic understanding in. These pieces of equipment can be extremely helpful and sometimes vital in keeping an event running smoothly. 

Preventing Theft

The priority of any security guard will be to ensure that the event that they have been hired at will run problem-free, and everyone is kept safe. Theft can be a big problem at large events as it can be hard to keep tabs of everybody who is attending.

Security officers are trained to make their presence known to the crowd and to be vigilant of anybody who could be a threat or can put others in danger. Being easily recognisable as a security officer can be very effective in acting as a deterrent for potential thieves, similarly someone who has been a victim of theft can easily identify security and can ask for assistance. This will give them the best chance of resolving the issue efficiently.

Escorting Individuals Off Site

It is not uncommon at large events, typically when alcohol is readily available, for some attendees to become unruly and start to cause a nuisance. Security officers are trained to determine when enough is enough and it will be better off for everyone if this person was no longer allowed to take part in the event’s proceedings.

Once security officers have identified who needs to be removed, they will be trained to successfully eject the person in the quickest and safest manner possible. It is important for security officers to remain in control of any situation and that they maintain a level head in all circumstances. If someone does need ejecting from an event, it should be done so with everybody’s safety in mind.

Communicating With Emergency Services

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Although it is likely that the security guards you hire will have good skills in first aid, conflict management and fire safety measures, sometimes a situation escalates to a point where the emergency services need to be called. 

Security guards are trained to determine the point at which paramedics, fire fighters or the police need to be called. It is also very important that security can effectively converse with the emergency services once they arrive, giving detailed information to give them the most assistance possible. If a situation arises that the security guards are required to call the emergency services, it is important that they are ready to handle the situation until they arrive, and are able to work alongside them to help resolve the situation.

Umbrella Security Services

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We at Umbrella Security Services pride ourselves in providing the very best in security across the UK. No matter the size of the event, we have the team to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, delivering a professional service with our company of highly trained staff.

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