Home Security: The “Basic Package” Everyone Should Have

We’ve spoken before about home security in a number of our blogs, so here we’re doing what we can to refine that a little. In our latest blog, we’re taking a look at the absolute essentials when it comes to home security systems and products. Previously, we’ve spoken more about measures and actions.

It’s important to bear in mind that we’re being extremely picky. These are some aspects of home security that no-one can do without, but different situations call for different solutions. For example, certain areas will be more prone to break-ins, so you might find that you actually need more defences than we’ve listed here. Our aim is to outline a “basic package” that everyone should ensure their home has.

What we’re saying is we might have missed things on here that you should have – our list is an attempt to collate three systems that every homeowner should have.

Burglar alarm

Pretty obvious, right? Well, if you’re thinking that then you don’t need to worry, you’ve already ticked off the first point from our list. A burglar alarm will notify you, nearby residents, and sometimes the police if you’re being broken into. Even if your system doesn’t automatically notify the police, you or your neighbours will be able to do that in plenty of time with a fully-functioning alarm. Some sort of up to date system is a must-have, regardless of where you live.

Fully-functioning windows and doors

We actually mention windows and doors in our other home security blog, but that’s all about keeping them closed. That’s exceptionally important, too, but as we’re looking more at “systems” than “measures” we’re talking about the actual things themselves … they need to work!

It’s no good having windows and doors that aren’t secure, as you may as well just leave them open. People try doors all the time, so yours need to lock when they’re supposed to. If your windows and doors don’t work in any way, get that seen to immediately. There’s no warning before a burglary, so you really can’t afford to put it off.

Motion lights

Our final inclusion may seem surprising, but when you think about it, the logic is sound. Rather than wait for someone to attempt to break in to your home (i.e, relying on burglar alarms and strong windows and doors), why not put them off altogether? Many burglars are opportunists, and will run at the first sign of any complications. It’s not worth the hassle for them to risk being caught, so they’ll take the easiest possible opening rather than risk detection.

Motion-sensitive lights do exactly what their name suggests: light up when they detect movement. More often than not, the thought of conducting their burglary in the light puts people off stealing things from your home (hence why most happen at night), so removing the darkness from your premises is a pretty good idea. Sure, you might get the odd cat setting it off, but that’s not really the point. It’ll put a lot of potential burglars off, and that’s the main thing.

So, it’s burglar alarms, windows and doors that work, and motion lights that make up our “basic package”, but we really should emphasise one final time that this list is not conclusive. Most of you will need extra security measures, but we can’t think of a situation where someone might not need one of our “big three”.

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