Important Security Measures to Remember This Christmas

Crazy as it may seem, Christmas is actually one of the worst times of the year for burglaries. Break-ins happen for a number of reasons, but Christmas isn’t going to stop them.

With that in mind, it’s essential to not overlook a number of important security measures during the festive season, so we’ve made a list to help get you started.

Lock up

It’s basic, but it’s the most important point on here. Whether or not you’re planning on being out for long is completely irrelevant. Just popping down the road to deliver the Masons their Christmas card? If they answer door and invite you in for a mince pie, you could be gone for up to an hour. That’s plenty of time for someone to enter your house and have a good look around for your most valuable possessions, twice over.

Lights and windows

If you’ve got outdoor lights, then how are they powered? All too often do people plug their lights in inside and wrap them round a tree outside or the frame of that window. That’s seemingly a great idea, until you consider how the wire reaches the outside. Often, people will take the wire through a partially open window, which offers potential burglars a pretty easy avenue to exploit.

If you’ve got lights outside, find a way of keeping the windows and doors shut!

What can you see from the outside?

Everyone loves having their Christmas tree on display during the holidays, but there could be some risk involved. If you enjoy keeping presents under the tree, then we’d advise positioning everything so that it can’t be seen from the outside. As we’ve said countless times before, the majority of burglaries are opportunistic. Play it safe, and keep the gifts out of the public eye.

Going away?

Many people choose to spend Christmas away, either visiting family or soaking in some winter sun further afield. If that’s you, it’s extremely important that you prepare properly. Ensure that you leave your keys with a trustworthy neighbour, and take steps to make it seem like your home is occupied. For example, leaving a car on the driveway and setting your lights up with a timer is a good place to start.

The upshot

It’s never nice to think about crime at Christmas, but unfortunately we do have to sometimes. It’s worth it in the long run, too, as the right measures could turn a potentially disastrous couple of weeks into the most wonderful time of the year.

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