Crime Rate In Wolverhampton

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Crime rates fluctuate across the country, depending on a wide variety of factors. According to Legal Beagle, there are some common factors that go hand in hand with areas that have high crime rate;

  • poverty levels
  • job availability
  • police policy
  • The average age of the population

We take a look at statistics provided by regarding crime rates across Wolverhampton town centre, taking a look at the most commonly reported crimes within a given timeframe.

November 2019 Crime Rates

The most recent statistics provided by state that during the most recent full month of November 2019, a total of 195 crimes were recorded across the town centre. 61 of the 195 offences related to violence and sexual offences. Shoplifting and anti-social behaviour were the next most commonly committed crimes, respectively.

The statistics were different, but only slightly, throughout the month of November of 2018. During this time, shoplifting was the most commonly committed offence, violence and sexual offences were the second most common and anti-social behaviour offences were the third most commonly committed offence.

Least Commonly Reported Crime

During the last three full months that statistics have been published for – September, October and November – the possession of weapons has been the least commonly reported crime. During September and November, 2 offences were recorded. During October, 3 offences were recorded. Each case throughout this time led to the suspect being charged or sent a summons As it stands, a court outcome is pending.

So far, the month of November has had the least crimes recorded.

Most Commonly Recorded Crime

2019, is not quite over, but as it stands, the month of April has had the highest recorded crime rates with a total of 241. Violence and sexual offences were the most commonly reported crime in April, with a total of 60 reports. Once again, shoplifting and antisocial behaviour were the second and third most commonly recorded offences.

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