Key Holding and Alarm Response

An image of a key inside a door with multiple locks.

Imagine this, it’s Christmas day, you’re just about to sit down and tuck into your Christmas dinner, you’ve already had a couple of glasses of bucks fizz, you’re surrounded by your close friends and family, Christmas is well and truly in full flow. Then, you get a phone call from your alarm monitoring company, they advise that there has been an intruder activation on your alarm at the office.

What do you do?
A) Visit the office yourself
B) Ask a colleague to go and check on it for you
C) Take the risk and leave it
D) Leave it to Umbrella Security Services to handle

Lets’ face it, options A-C just aren’t going to cut it, but what other options are available? Have you ever heard of or considered key holding and alarm response services?

For a small annual fee and then an individual call out charge, Umbrella Security Services can protect your office/ site/ premises. On instruction, one of our local SIA accredited operatives will visit your property to investigate an alarm activation and/or any reported incidents, offering not only peace of mind that you alarm activations are covered, but also removing the inconvenience and risks of either yourself or one of your colleagues attending the premises.

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s fair to say that a number of premises may be at risk, as the opportunistic thieves will be looking to take advantage of the empty properties over the festive period. That said, this really does apply to any time year when the premises are empty.

If you would like any further information on key holding and alarm response or would like a none obligatory quote to protect your property, please contact Phil on 07467 828 466 or email on

Have a great Christmas everyone, stay safe and secure.

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