Why Are Dogs Used for Security?

An image of a security dog sitting down at a site.

Security dogs are one of the more traditional options for security and they are used for a variety of reasons;

Quick reactions/Intelligence

With a plethora of digital solutions out there, it is telling that security dogs are still used in many capacities.


You probably already know of a dog that will react as soon as someone walks past the window or makes a noise outside your property, but the senses of a trained security dog will be even more attuned to potential danger.

Naturally, dogs can hear sounds four times further away than humans, and they are much better at spotting motion at a distance. Additionally, whilst we have around six million olfactory senses in our noses, dogs have around 300 million, giving them a heightened sense of smell.


Although our modern world techniques are great for alerting us to intruders, they do not always offer the same intimidation factor that a dog can.

Whilst security dogs are perfectly safe for the handler, they can display threatening behaviour when required to, including barking, growling and bearing its teeth.

Trained dogs can also often run faster than most people so, when caught, many criminals won’t bother to try and outrun the dog for fear of arousing more suspicion and the dog attacking them.


It will come as no surprise to any dog owner that one of the distinct advantages of dogs, when compared to other animals, is their sense of loyalty.

A security dog will only ever take orders from its handler and will undergo obedience training to ensure the handler can control how much force a dog will use in emergency situations.

Umbrella Security Solutions

We provide a dog handling service, using SIA licenced dog handlers to meet the requirements of our clients. If you would like to find out more about how our dog handlers can help to improve the security of your site, please call 0121 554 2761 or send your enquiry through to our contact form.

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