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Umbrella Security Services have you covered when it comes to security services in Birmingham. We’re a well-established, reputable security company with a great amount of experience, providing our services to customers throughout the United Kingdom. We understand the importance of accreditations in any industry, and it’s essential that you know you’re working with a legitimate, professional company. That’s why we’ve taken the time here to run you through the services we provide as a security company.

Areas We Cover

We’ve overseen projects for a variety of different clients in a wide range of locations, including Birmingham, London, Manchester, and Wolverhampton. Each and every time we’ve received outstanding feedback from our customers, who have been thrilled with the services we’ve provided.

Our Services

The services we provide are extensive, flexible, and cater to our customers’ requirements. In terms of the specifics, though, we are able to offer our clients security guards, CCTV monitoring systems, intruder alarm installation, and much more. Below, we’ll break down some of those services for you, and explain exactly how they work.

Event Security

As a security company, we’ve helped with a number of events throughout Birmingham. We recognise that the requirements of event security vary on a case-by-case basis, so we ensure that we’re flexible and adaptable. Festivals, carnivals, and parties all require different kinds of security measures, and our employees all understand that. Our workers are all given site training before their job begins, meaning they’re completely in tune with what’s required on any given day.

Security Guards

All of our security guards are fully accredited, trained, and have a great amount of experience to call upon. All of our workers hold SIA (Security Industry Authority) licenses and have been screened to the latest in terms of British industry standards, the BS7858. We are successfully able to cultivate an environment of hard work, meaning that all of our security guards are fully motivated and give their very best on any job.

We have helped a wide range of different companies, organisations and individuals, from clients working within retail, corporate, construction and industrial sectors secure their property throughout Birmingham.

Security guards are a great and effective visual deterrent; they also provide an efficient rapid response solution to any potential or genuine threats. Oftentimes, the mere presence of trained security officers significantly minimises the chance of trespassing, theft, vandalism and other crime.


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The best way of ensuring that we meet your requirements is to talk to us. We’d be more than happy to go through the different security services that would best suit your event. Simply give us a call on 0121 554 761, or fill out one of our online contact forms.

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