Crime Rate in Birmingham

Over the years, a wide range of data has been collected regarding crime rates and the individual crimes carried out. These statistics can help to build a strategy to help tackle the most prevalent crimes, as well as be used for informational purposes. The latest statistics for crime rates across Birmingham are from December 2018 and in the latest post from Umbrella Security, we discuss these statistics in further detail.

Throughout the month of December 2018, there were a total of 24,322 crimes carried out across the West Midlands. Crimes classified as violent were the most commonly reported, with a total of 7,252 incidents. Bike theft was reported the lowest number of times, with a total of 143 incidents recorded.

Without knowing the national average for crime, interpreting these figures correctly can be difficult. Information from states that in the quarter ending 2018, (the last time statistics were published on this site) crime rates were up in the West Midlands force area in comparison to the same period in 2017.

Although looking at overall crime rate numbers can provide you with some information regarding where a location stands in comparison to the national average, it is necessary to look at the statistics for individuals crimes to see which areas of crime have decreased or increased in volume.

Looking at statistics released from UK Crime Statistics, the following crimes had decreased when comparing December 2018 to December 2017:

Anti Social Behaviour
Vehicle crime
Theft from a person
Other crime

Crimes that have risen when comparing December 2018 to December 2017 were:

Criminal damage and arson
Bike theft
Public order

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