Event Security – a Necessity for a Successful Event

A picture of people enjoying a music gig, guarded by event security


From corporate networking meetups with blue chip companies to local fetes and large scale music festivals, every event should have effective security in place to protect guests, maintain order and structure, and help make sure that things run as smoothly as possible. All it takes is one incident to result in unpleasant and far-reaching consequences such as negative brand press or the injury of an attendee. Umbrella Security Services have reviewed some of the key reasons why you should implement an effective security service for your next event.


Give Reassurance to Guests

Often, having a security force at your venue can offer guests welcome reassurance that will subconsciously help them to relax and truly enjoy their time at the event. Using the services of a security company demonstrates to your attendees that you truly care about their welfare and wellbeing. They also know they have someone official to whom they can turn in case of an emergency, especially if it requires professional intervention.


Prevent Violent, Drunk or Disorderly Behaviour

The presence of event security and security guards is an excellent means of deterring unwanted violence among guests, which can be a common occurrence at events such as gigs and festivals where alcohol can fuel anti-social behaviour. Moreover, should someone need to intercede in an altercation, a professional team will be on standby to quickly intercede and separate those involved, escorting them off the premises where necessary.


Stop Trespassing

A busy and thriving event will always be a temptation for passersby who haven’t bought tickets but are willing to try their luck and sneak in. Investing in professional event security has the dual purpose of stopping people from trespassing on the grounds of the event as well as making sure that the path is clear should the area need to be evacuated in an emergency.


Protect Equipment

If you have brought along valuable equipment to your event – a new sound system for a performance, for example, or new company technology to display at an exposition – you will want to make sure this is closely guarded against the twitching hands of potential thieves. Utilise the expert skills of security guards to keep an eye on your equipment and prevent the unnecessary costs of replacing stolen items.


Don’t tempt fate – invest in event security today. The friendly and professional team here at Umbrella Security Services boast over 80 years combined experience in security services, making us the number one choice for customers across Nottingham, Solihull, Wolverhampton, and Coventry. To find out how we can help you at your next event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling on 0121 5542761 or by completing our easy to use online form.

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