The Significance of our Accreditations

So, you’ve seen our accreditations page. So what? Why does it matter that we’ve been recognised by SIA, or that we’re a CHAS approved contractor? While we explain it briefly on the page, we’re delving a little deeper here and explaining the benefits of these accreditations.



Holding an approved contractor status from SIA essentially proves that we operate at exceptionally high standards. Every year, we are subject to independent audits carried out by SIA, where a representative comes out to check that we haven’t slipped below these high standards.
SIA ensure that all companies certified by them meet their criteria in terms of health and safety standards, best practices, and efficiency. It’s not easy to qualify for approval, either, so it’s not as if anyone can pick up a certificate if they fancy.



ISO 9001

The requirements for an ISO 9001 certificate are plentiful. They’re separated into a number of different clauses, including quality management systems, management responsibility, resource management, product realisation, measurement, analysis, and improvement, and implementation.
As you can see from our above list, there are a fair few requirements that need to be met to achieve an ISO 9001! Again, the difficulties in obtaining this accreditation are the key to understanding its significance.




A CHAS accreditation is largely concerned with one thing: health and safety. CHAS are an authority on the subject, so customers can be reassured that anyone with their certificate conforms to incredibly high standards.



Still thinking, “so what”?

The fact that we’ve got these accreditations from three different companies just goes to show that we’ve consistently proven how well we operate. While it might be possible to jump through a few hoops and get the odd accreditation, the three companies who have approved us have a superb reputation themselves. They’re not going to risk that on a company who they don’t deem to be similarly well-run.
The main reason we advertise our accreditations is to reassure our customers. Obviously, we’re going to tell you that Umbrella Security Services will “exceed your expectations, etc etc”, but customers need to know that from an impartial source. We are incredibly proud of our certifications, and hopefully this blog post has allowed you to understand why!

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