Security Guards in Films

Although the difference between real life and film is very often more opaque than transparent, some of the most popular stars of the big screen have specialised in security. With this in mind, we thought it only right to take a quick look at some of the better-known examples of security guards in films, to see what we might be able to learn from them.

Arnold Schwarzenneger – Terminator

We might as well start with the most outlandish contender. While he might be an evil killer robot in the first terminator film, he turns over a new leaf second time round and provides an effective, if slightly unprofessional service to the Connors throughout. While we have never encountered any killer robot issues here at Umbrella Security Services, Schwarzenegger’s audacity and persistence is to be admired. A good security guard will never shy away from their responsibilities, and this is where our mechanical friend scores the most points. Sure, he loses a few for his lack of communication skills, but we’ll cut him some slack in view of hs animatronic nature.
A picture of the terminator, one of the better examples of security guards in films

Larry Daley – Night at the Museum

Ben Stiller stars in this fantasy trilogy, and his portrayal is slightly closer to home than Schwarzenegger’s. Again, the living dinosaur skeleton and Attila the Hun take this example a little further from reality, but Larry’s communication skills, humble nature, and ultimate bravery are important values for a security guard to have. Combining the best points of Stiller and Schwarzenneger would, perhaps, begin to create the archetypal security guard.
A picture of a poster for Night at the Museum

Frank Farmer – The Bodyguard

Not all security guards in films have to fight with futuristic robots or foil the plans of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Kevin Costner’s interpretation is probably the most accurate depiction of a bodyguard’s work yet. Obviously, his performance is exaggerated and dramatised for the big screen, but the story’s plot keeps this one slightly closer to reality. Farmer takes his job very seriously, and is also very good at it; he strives to remain professional throughout his work, and that is perhaps the most transferable aspect of the character. Security guards should be disciplined, focused on the job in hand, and diligent. Costner’s character is all of these and, although the film has received a number of mixed reviews, “The Bodyguard” provides an excellent platform for these attributes to shine through.
A picture of Whitney Houston from the bodyguard

Umbrella Security Services

It should go without saying that Umbrella Security Services’ employees are rather different from these examples of security guards in films. None of them are robots, have ever met Theodore Roosevelt, or had the thrill of working with special effects and CGI. All of our workers are, however, dependable and professional. We pride ourselves on customer service, and everyone we employ reflects that.

If you require security services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Umbrella Security Services. Regardless of your requirements, we would love to hear from you, and look forward to seeing how we might be able to help. Either fill out one of our online contact forms or give us a call on 0121 554 2761.

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