Office Security Tips

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Office environments not only typically hold a variety of expensive equipment, they may also hold a host of sensitive information. Consequently, implementing effective security techniques all year round is a necessity.

In the latest blog post by Umbrella Security Services, we discuss in-house techniques you can implement to keep your office a safe environment.

Security Systems

Knowing who is coming in and out of your office is integral to creating and maintaining a safe working environment.

CCTV cameras allow entrances and exits to the building to be monitored. However, you may also consider investing in access control systems to provide an extra layer of security, as well as help you to identify which colleges are in the building at any given time.

Commercial buildings are typically only occupied at specific times of the day, which are often advertised, making it easy for burglars to identify when the building will be empty. 24-hour monitoring systems are connected to an alarm receiving service so that the appropriate bodies can be informed, should the worst occur.

Internal Security

Whilst having security that monitors the building and those that enter it is important, having a high level of security on your computer systems is equally important.

In order to prevent employees from sharing or transporting information, you may want to consider disabling USB hard drives and other means of connecting external drives. Alongside this, you may want to prohibit the use of personal email accounts and could even take this a step further by banning access to such sites.

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