Essential Attributes of an Event Security Officer

A picture of an event, protected through the use of event security

For people not in the event security business themselves, the day to day jobs of security workers can be a bit of a mystery. What are the role’s expectations, and how much work outside of the job is necessary? Below, Umbrella Security Services have listed some of the most important attributes for a security offer, and detailed some of the typical job requirements.



If a security guard is taking a day off, they still need to work. Due to the high physical demands of working in event security, a high level of physical fitness is essential. A combination of cardio and strength training are a frequent requirement for workers, with both being a necessity for event security workers. An employee who isn’t physically fit simply isn’t well equipped to perform their job properly.


Mental sharpness

While physical fitness is perhaps a more obvious job requirement, it is also incredibly important that security guards maintain a high level of mental attentiveness. Allowing your brain to become too relaxed while on the job can result in costly errors or a slow response time, and neither are wanted. Standing alone for long periods of time, it is very important that workers remain aware of their surroundings; a degree of brain training is, therefore, extremely useful.



Event security workers must be effective communicators. While elements of the job are relatively solitary, functioning as an effective team is also crucial. Ensuring that all aspects of the event are considered, and being able to respond to situations in full force are both essential aspects of the role. Knowing how to relate to people, both in terms of colleagues and employers, is a prerequisite of effective security solutions.


At work

In addition to the three aforementioned traits, there are a number of important considerations for security workers while they’re carrying out their roles. Among other considerations, the ability to follow instructions, to work as a team, to react quickly, and to remain attentive. Effectively, while at work a security guard must be able to put into practice what they’ve learned during training. If they can do that, the likelihood is that they’ll succeed.


Umbrella Security Services

Here at Umbrella Security Services, we have a vast amount of experience in providing event security solutions to areas throughout the United Kingdom. All of our workers are trained in accordance with the above criteria, and are used to delivering on the day. For more information about our services, call us on 0121 554 2761 or fill out our online contact form.

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