Crime Statistics in Coventry

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With a rise in population typically comes a rise in crime. The population in Coventry as of 2019 is estimated to be 418,347. Crime statistics in Coventry have fluctuated over the years, with the types of crime being reported most frequently changing month on month.

The head office of Umbrella Security Services is based in Coventry, and in our latest post, we take a look at crime statistics in this area and how they have changed throughout the year, compared with 2018.

The latest crime figures reported by UK Crime Statistics are from July 2019. Figures show that throughout July, violent crimes were reported most frequently, with a figure of 891. When compared with the previous year, violent crimes are shown to have risen slightly with 834 violent crimes were reported during July 2018.

The least most commonly reported crime during July 2019 was theft from a person, with a total of 28 crimes reported. The rate of this crime has remained fairly steady, with a total of 25 crimes committed during July 2018.

UK Crime Statistics

Other crime figures reported by UK Crime Statistics show the following numbers for July 2019

Anti-social behaviour order 435
Burglary 222
Robbery 77
Vehicle 299
Shoplifting 158
CD&A 230
Other theft 39
Drugs 43
Bike theft 46
Weapons 35
Public order 147
Other 39

The total number of crimes committed throughout July 2019 is 2,868. The total number of crimes committed throughout July 2018 was 2,710, showing a difference of 158.

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