The Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard

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In today’s society, unfortunately it’s a reality that theft and crimes can occur in any premises. Some businesses such as retail stores, banks and small businesses are more likely to see these crimes due to the footfall and stock in the premises. Here at Umbrella Security, we would advise all businesses or homeowners to invest in Security guards, due to the numerous benefits that they bring: 


  • Act as a Deterrent

The best way to eradicate crimes is to try and avoid them in the first place. Simply having a security guard on the premises can act as a huge deterrent to possible thieves. They’re likely to think twice about targeting a business if they can see uniformed security guards patrolling the area, as they can provide a quicker response in comparison to CCTV cameras. It also sends a message to possible criminals that you’re serious about your business security. 


  • Improved Customer Service

In most situations, a security guard is the first point of contact for customers, whether that’s at a store entrance or help desk within a hotel. This results in a substantial amount of interaction with customers, where security guards can answer questions and provide advice. The presence of a security guard can also make customers feel a lot safer in the environment. 


  • Additional monitoring 

Security guards can be used for more than patrolling an area. They should be trained in monitoring CCTV footage, known shoplifters and physical searches. This can take a huge weight off business owners shoulders, and allows them to get on with other jobs.


If you’re after more information in regards to what security services you can invest in, take a look at our services page.


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