How to Become a Door Supervisor

Keeping people safe is of the utmost importance for a commercial business, especially one where situations could arise and escalate quickly such as in a bar, pub or club. Door supervisors are the only form of security that can deal with these situations due to the level of training and work needed to control a situation. But where do you start in a career such as this and how do you become a supervisor?

How to Get a Door Supervisor License?

Door supervisors are required by law to undergo specific training and become qualified to a minimum level in order to deliver the service.

Getting a door license has never been easier, there are many bodies that provide this training but it’s important that you choose a company that breaks down their process and exactly what you’re going to be learning.

Door Supervisor Training and Development

  • Find a SIA approved training course
  • Course lasts a minimum of 4x days
  • Divided into sections to provide all the skills required
  • Examinations at the end of the course needed to be passed

Door Supervisor Requirements & Qualifications

Over 18 years of age
Basic level of fitness
Pass a criminal record check
Official Form of ID
Up to date Door Supervisor qualification
Latest Qualification Requirements
Level 2 Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry
Award for Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry (Scotland) at SCQF level 6
Older qualifications are valid under certain circumstances but this needs to be renewed every 3 years.

Applying for a Door Supervisor Licence

Once you have all of your qualifications then you can start to think about searching for jobs and putting all of your recent training to practice.

Door supervisors are required in many different fields, not just pubs and clubs, so there are many opportunities to move jobs to find the right one for you. With many commercial properties requiring door supervisors as well as agencies providing them for different events and occasions, your qualifications open up the possibility of a different place of work.

Role as a Door Supervisor

  • Managing people and ensuring safety within an environment
  • Cope within an emergency including a violent situation
  • Remain calm within a difficult situation
  • Identifying a situation before it escalates
  • Supervising entrances and exits
  • Co-operating with Emergency Services
  • IDing where necessary
  • Crowd control and management

For more information on what job opportunities are available, contact us at Umbrella Security Services or visit our jobs board here.


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