3 Benefits of Using Dog Handler Security in London

image of a security dog and its handler

As one of the leading security companies in London, we offer our clients a wide range of security services, including dog handling. Here at Umbrella Security, all of our dog handlers are NASDU or British Standard Certified, allowing peace of mind when choosing us for security services in London. Whether it’s for patrolling or routine searches, dog handling can be a highly beneficial security service. In this blog post, we take you through just some of the benefits of having a dog handler for your business or private land in London. 



Simply having a dog handler and their dogs visible outside your business in London will act as a huge deterrent for potential criminals. They’re likely to think twice about targeting the premises if a dog handler is present, due to the added risk of being caught/injured by the dog. With recurrent dog handlers seen, this also sends a message that you are a higher risk to target, due to taking your security services so seriously.


Accurate Searches

NASDU certified dogs are commonly trained to detect the presence of drugs, making them a great security choice for events, or situations where drugs are suspected to be present. A dog can detect drugs just from smell alone, which eliminates the need for pat downs. Using a security dog for searches allows the drugs to be detected much faster, more accurately, and it’s less likely to cause offence to individuals.


Instant Reaction

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and hearing, meaning they can sense intruders much quicker than us. Within days, dogs will become familiar with the specific smell of each person in the building, meaning that if an intruder was to enter the premises, they will alert straight away by barking. While CCTV can alert you of movement, having a dog handler present offers a higher level of security for your premises in London, as it can be dealt with there and then – sometimes eliminating the crime before it’s even happened.


Umbrella Security – High Quality Security Services in London

We have been providing security services to businesses and individuals in London for many years now, which has helped us achieve an outstanding reputation throughout London as the leading security company. If you’d like some more information on dog handling and how it can benefit your overall security, give us a call on 0121 554 2761. Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form, where a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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